Make 2022 Your Year of Spiritual Growth

Glorify God with your mornings and grow to be more like Christ this year with...


An epic course bundle that will give you the formula for a Christ-exalting life!

Hey There!

   I’m Darryl Burling! –

  – And I’m Reagan Rose.

  We’re friends from our days at The Master’s Seminary together… –

  – And we both have our own ministry.

My specialty is theology and practice of devotions... –

  – And I help Christians become more productive for the kingdom of God!

We've Teamed Up To Bring You a Course Bundle That Will Give You...

A Structured Approach to Spiritual Growth


Consistency in Your Daily Routine!

There are two major struggles that Christians face that hinder their spiritual growth. 

I  will talk about #1 first..

MAJOR STRUGGLE #1: Not knowing what spiritual growth is meant to look like.

A lot of Christians struggle to define “spiritual growth”. 

It’s a nebulous term, and it’s not really taught well in churches. 

But not knowing what spiritual growth is critically impairs your ability to grow spiritually. 

Without an idea of what to measure, or what to do on a daily basis…

You’re stuck. 

After all, you can’t grow if you don’t know how. 

And that was my situation for many years of my Christan life!

For years I struggled to do my morning devotional simply because I didn't understand how it was supposed to help me grow. 


I didn’t connect the dots between all my spiritual disciplines (praying, reading my bible, and so on) and experiencing heart change.

Then I went to seminary, and I learned a LOT over 8 years of study. I grew in my own walk with the Lord, and through my PhD in Biblical Counseling, learned all about the heart and how it’s central to every human problem.

When you can apply theology to your heart, and use your spiritual disciplines to examine your own heart, you’ll get clarity on what spiritual growth looks like and how you can be working on it daily. 

That’s why… 

Will Teach You "Heart First" Theology!

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to think about your heart as central to your spiritual growth
  • How to know from scripture what the Lord’s plan is for YOUR growth
  • Which spiritual disciplines to do regularly and how to involve your heart so that you experience personal transformation
  • The 4-part theology of spiritual growth
  • What to look for in your spiritual growth to see if you’re progressing
  • How to submit to the Lord’s will 
  • What NOT to look for in spiritual growth (trying to measure your growth this way is discouraging!)
  • How spiritual growth helps you deal with life’s struggles 
  • Exactly what I recommend doing regularly for your devotional time
  • How to deal with emotions like guilt, unworthiness, shame, anger, sadness, desire, unwillingness to worship, and so much more
  • What role you play in your spiritual growth and what role the Holy Spirit plays
  • How to deal with stagnancy and setbacks in your spiritual growth
  • How prayer works in your spiritual growth
And so much more!

But even if you learn everything there is to know about Heart First theology…

You still might be facing the second big struggle of Christian life.

And that is:

  • MAJOR STRUGGLE #2: Not having a consistent morning routine

Without a morning routine that sets you up for the day spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, you’re on the back foot when it comes to growth. 

Ultimately, you only have a few “expendable” hours each day. The rest is dedicated to work, sleep, family, and other responsibilities. Even if you are blessed with more time on your hands than most,  without a routine, there will be no consistent spiritual growth in your life. 

That’s why in this bundle, you’re going to get access to Reagan Rose’s course, POWER Mornings. 

POWER Mornings Has the "Secret Sauce" on Structuring Your Mornings for Christian Productivity and Growth 

Having a POWER Morning routine will take you from… 

  • Having no time to spend with the Lord
  • Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with your own goals
  • Pushing the activities dedicated to your own growth to the bottom of your to-do list each day
  • Doing everything “on the go” because you aren’t following a plan
  • Repeatedly experiencing overwhelm, frustration and procrastination

To a life where you’re stewarding your time, energy and resources for maximum growth at the beginning of each day.

Reagan teaches his secrets on being strategically realistic about the structure of your morning routine.

He gives you his 5 disciplines that make up a POWER Morning, and does a deep dive on each of the disciplines, teaching you how to get the most value out of each one. 

But his secret sauce really is in the ORDER he recommends you do each of the activities. I can’t give it away here, but I can tell you that Reagan has personally tested and tweaked his own personal morning routine for years and he shows you exactly what works best. 

The 5 elements of a POWER morning routine will maximize your… 

  • Spiritual growth, so that you’re prioritizing Christ every morning
  • Physical wellbeing, so that you energize your body for the day and glorify God in taking good care of what He blessed you with
  • Organization skills, so that you’re ready to get straight into your day at the end of a morning routine
  • Productivity, so that you’re getting the most important things taken care for before most people are even awake
  • Intellectual growth, so that you’re stimulating your brain with different material and staying on track with your reading goals

And best of all, Reagan takes all of the overwhelm out of it by giving you the exact methods he uses to make each discipline as enjoyable and effective as possible…

Meaning you won’t walk away feeling crushed by having to spend hours each morning doing a bunch of things you don’t enjoy. Instead you’ll walk away with a feeling of “I got this“, and you’ll look forward to each morning because of the time you get to spend with the Lord.

You Can Stop Wondering Whether You're "Really Growing" Spiritually Or Not

These two courses together are going to give you the practical steps to setting apart time for spiritual growth, and the theological framework you will use to measure your spiritual growth. 

With the combination of theology and practicality, you’re going to know exactly what to do on a daily basis, how to do it, and why you’re doing it. 

We Promise...

This Bundle Will Help You Change Your Life On a Daily Basis

(A Lot of People Make That Promise, But Few Can Deliver. Here's Why We're Different)

Make Your Devotional Time A Time Of Personal Transformation By Applying "Heart First" Theology To Your Life

Foundations of Personal Transformation was delivered over 4 weeks, and is now available to watch in your own time on my platform. 

Put an End To Procrastination, Poor Time Management, and Inconsistent Attempts to Create New Habits

POWER Mornings is delivered on Reagan’s secure online platform at Redeeming Productivity. It is ready to watch in video format, and comes with a planner so that you can plan out your morning routine as you watch the content.

Darryl Burling

I spent 8 years in seminary earning 4 degrees, my latest one being a PhD in BIblical Counseling. I have spent over 6 years as a practicing biblical counselor helping believers work through all kinds of issues. 

I ran a course called Transformative Quiet Times which helped people use their devotional time to grow biblically. I am now delivering Foundations of Personal Transformation as an updated version of that course, with new material and live calls, as well as a pop-up community. 

Reagan Rose

Reagan has been running Redeeming Productivity for over 5 years. 

Over that time, he has helped thousands of Christians learn the secrets of productivity with his blog and podcast, but it is through his courses that students get the most success. Reagan runs the Redeeming Productivity Academy which is a paid membership helping Christians get more done for the glory of God. 

Reagan studied at The Master’s Seminary and graduated with a Masters of Divinity.


Did We Mention, Both Courses Are Yours To Keep For Life Once You Purchase!

So Here's The Deal...

Both these courses usually sell individually for $97 each. 

And do you know what? 

Personally, I think they’re worth a lot more than that. 

After all, can you really put a price on the wellbeing of your own soul?

With Foundations of Personal Transformation, you’re going to get a complete guide to what could certainly be described “soul care”. But I don’t know if the term soul care really does it justice. 

I will be imparting everything I can in these four weeks of lessons to help you address your heart and experience real personal growth. 

As you grow in your walk with the Lord, your relationships with others will naturally improve. Your outlook on life will shift. And you’ll know exactly what to be looking for as markers for your own spiritual growth.

If you ask me, that kind of wisdom is worth a lifetime’s savings. And I’m not just paying lip service to that sentiment… I literally sold my own house and spent everything I had on a seminary education. 

Now, obviously I can’t teach you everything I learned in seminary in 4 weeks, but what I can give you is the most useful, practical wisdom I have on the topic of building a foundation for your own personal transformation. 

And Then You've Got Reagan's Course...

POWER Mornings is going to help you make the most of each day so that you can be more productive for the kingdom of God. 

If you’ve been desiring to steward the gifts that the Lord has given you… 

If you know you could be doing more, serving more effectively, or growing more as a godly man or woman… 

Then what kind of price would you put on being able to use the best hours of your day toward that service, growth and productivity?

Again, it’s hard to quantify. 

But if you think about it, your life is just made up of days. It’s when we make changes to our daily life that we start seeing big changes when we look back over the years. 

Who knows what you could accomplish over the next few years if you just had a plan for maximizing each morning of each day?


The results could be huge. 


So really, take a second to think about it, and decide whether $97 seems like a small payment in comparison to what you could get done if you were even 10% more productive.

But Even Though These Courses Are Worth $194 Together, You Can Still Save $50 USD If You Buy Now!

For A Limited Time, You Can Get:

(Value: $97)


(Value: $97)

At A Crazy 2-for-1 Discount!


Just $147!

You will never see this deal at this price again. 

After we wrap up the sale, both courses will be for sale individually. 


 (And don’t be surprised if the courses go up in price after this sale. They’re already ridiculous value for money.)

Get Access To Both Courses and Watch Your Spiritual Growth Skyrocket

The goal here is to help you on your journey, and take you from a place of uncertainty about spiritual growth to a place of surety in your own walk with the Lord and your ability to disciple others.  

I am really looking forward to seeing the amazing growth you experience.

In Christ, 



What does this bundle include?

You get POWER Mornings by Reagan Rose (usually $97) and my course, Foundations of Personal Transformation (intro price: $97) for a one-time payment of $147. These are both online courses which you will need a device and an internet connection for. 

POWER Mornings is a course on setting up a Christ-exalting morning routine, so that you can get more done for the glory of God. 

Foundations of Personal Transformation is a course on spiritual growth through spiritual disciplines, to help you grow in your walk with the Lord and experience profound change in your life.

How do I access my purchases?

You will receive two emails after you complete the checkout, one from me (Darryl) and one from Reagan. Each will give you login details to access each course. 

POWER Mornings is ready for you to consume in its entirety. 

Foundations of Personal Transformation is a 4 week course, which means you’ll get 3 modules a week (two of which are delivered over live calls) for the next 4 weeks.

What format are the courses in?

POWER Mornings is in video format, with several short videos (7-10 mins average) making up each module.

Foundations of Personal Transformation will be in video/live call format. Starting on the 29th November, every Monday you get 1 pre-recorded video released to you, and you’ll also have access to 2 live calls at 12:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday (times are in PST). 

After each call, the recording will be posted in the hub, which is where you’ll log in to see all the course material. 

On top of that, we will have a pop-up community on Discord, which is a free server. There you can chat with me and the other course members!

What credentials do you have to be teaching me about spiritual growth?

I hold a PhD in Biblical Counseling, a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Theology, as well as a B.A. in Biblical Counseling. 

I have been in ministry for over 30 years, and through that time have served in varying places such as in eldership,  as a biblical counselor, and teaching others how to counsel biblically. I am also a husband and father, with three daughters now all in their 20s. 

My previous course, Transformational Quiet Times, was a great help to many Christians in using their spiritual disciplines to grow in holiness. 

What about Reagan Rose?

Reagan has built his ministry, Redeeming Productivity, from the ground up over the last 5 years. During this time he has served thousands of Christians by helping them become more productive for the glory of God. He holds a Masters in Divinity from the Master’s Seminary. 

Do you have any guarantees?

We guarantee you will love our courses :). 

It is our firm belief that if you consume and apply the training inside this bundle you will see growth in your walk with the Lord and transformation in your heart and life. 

If you are truly dissatisfied with your purchase, you can contact and we will issue you a refund within 30 days. 

What kind of commitment do I have to put in?

You should commit to actually watching the trainings, and applying what you learn in your life. 

This bundle is designed to help you structure your mornings to better glorify God and spend meaningful time with him, so expect that you might have to change the way you currently spend your mornings! (We aren’t giving any “rules” of course, but we think our suggestions might inspire you to do things a little differently.)

Will I really change?

We have a good reason to believe you will. 

Our courses are designed to give you the skills, tools and the theology for lasting personal growth. 

If you can implement even 10 percent of what we teach, you will see a return on your effort. And ultimately, our faith is in the Lord, who will not stop the good work he began in you until the day of Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 1:6).

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