Grow with a biblical foundation by reading these 6 books!

Dr Darryl Burling

PhD, Biblical Counseling

Helping you develop a firm biblical foundation so that you can grow in Christlikeness 

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This is a list of the first six books that I would give myself if I lost all of my knowledge on how to live a Christian life

If I woke up tomorrow and I had forgotten everything… 

All my knowledge of Christian life gained from 8 years of seminary, 4 theological degrees, and 30+ years of sanctification… 

Then these are the six books I would want someone to give me. 

These books are my carefully curated selection of the most important elements of Christian life. 

They will guide you in how you can grow in character, faith and love for the Lord. 

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It's My Mission To Help You Build a Firm Foundation For Growth

As a Christian, growth in Christlikeness should be your #1 priority. 

But how do you go about that?

A lot of Christians get stuck when it comes to how to grow, what to do, and how to live in the freedom that Christ has bought for us. 

A solid foundation for growth as a Christian will help you overcome that.

Of course, when it comes to reading for our growth as a Christian, nothing beats the word of God. 

I hold to inerrancy of scripture, and I believe that the word of God is sufficient to help us with every human problem. That’s why I picked books by authors who draw faithfully on the wisdom of scripture to present teachings on life, personal growth, faith and God. 

These books should complement your bible reading time, not replace it. 

If you read these 6 books over the course of a year, and apply what you learn, your life will take on a whole new shine.

Growing spiritually has flow-on effects into the rest of your life. 

You’ll find that you’re more able to cope with hardships and suffering. You’ll be a better problem solver because you’ll understand yourself, others and God more fully. 

This means you’ll experience more peace in your daily interactions, as you see the Lord working in your own heart and the hearts of others. 

You’ll come into a new place of confidence in God’s goodness and sovereignty… 

And you will feel a greater sense of happiness in your own soul. 

This is the epitome of Christian living. 

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