Your Devotional Time Should Be Your Biggest Source Of Dynamic Biblical Growth...

Foundations of Personal Transformation will show you how to make that a reality.

Foundations of Personal Transformation is a course on setting up your devotional times for growth as a Christian. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to bring your heart before the Lord to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. 

After you’ve been through Foundations of Personal Transformation, you will come away with stronger faith, a better understanding of the Lord’s will for you, and a new approach to solving problems. 

This is all possible through the "Heart-First Theology" I teach.

Inside Foundations of Personal Transformation, I teach you the biblical model of the heart. 

This model is the basis for personal transformation.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in sin, unsure how to mature in your faith, or just at a plateau with your walk with the Lord…

The biblical model of the heart will help you address that. 

No longer will you be stuck in the same behaviour patterns of the past.

With a biblical understanding of your own heart, you’ll gain new insights into how your thoughts, feelings and actions all work. 

These insights will change how you think about God, yourself, and human beings. 

But insight alone won’t change your life. 

You need to combine insight with action…

Which is why Foundations of Personal Transformation shows you exactly which actions to take in your daily devotional time.

This course will teach you the four spiritual disciplines to use in your quiet time. 

These disciplines serve as the foundation for heart change. 

When you do these disciplines regularly, you’ll be examining your heart through the light of scripture… 

Bringing your heart before the Lord in prayer… 

And dealing effectively with your sin to allow the Lord to work powerfully in you. 

Without the four disciplines, spiritual growth is almost impossible!

Here’s the thing. 

If you don’t have a regular quiet time which is structured to help you grow as a Christian… 

Your spiritual growth is going to be stagnant, inconsistent… or worse…

Non-existent. 😱

This might be news to you.

If you’re hearing this for the first time… 

I’m not surprised. 

It’s a sad truth that most churches don’t do a good job teaching their flock about spiritual growth. 

And as a result, Christians have no idea what they’re meant to be doing on a regular basis in order to grow!

This has devastating effects. 

No spiritual growth = no personal change.

Personal change is dependent on spiritual growth. 

At least, positive personal change is. 

In Foundations of Personal Transformation, you’ll see how everything that you think, feel and do comes from the heart. 

Therefore, if you want to change your habits or behaviours, it comes down to knowing how to address your heart! 

Plus, growth in biblical qualities like holiness, wisdom, and all the fruit of the spirit all need a biblical foundation.

And this isn’t just “a work of the Holy Spirit” in you…

You play an active part in your own transformation!

Your spiritual growth is an ongoing, synergistic process. 

That means, it’s not just all up to God, but nor is it all up to you. 

You must show up to do the work, and He is gracious to do the work in you. 

However, you need a biblical model of growth to follow, otherwise you’ll remain stuck, wondering…

How do I grow spiritually?

You might think: 

“I’ll read my bible in a year”

“I’ll pray for 3 hours every morning”

“I’ll serve more at church”


Now, those things can be good in and of themselves… 

But none of them are a model for spiritual growth, and on their own, they are not enough to change your heart. 

When you use the biblical model of the heart, you'll see amazing growth in yourself.

Quick story: 

I used to struggle with anger. 

It was a long-term sin issue for me. 

And one of the things I used to do was shout at my family members. (I know. Not nice!)

But, praise the Lord, I found a technique to examine my sin through the biblical model of the heart. 

I started using this one technique, which only took me between 5-10 minutes a day. 

Within four weeks, the shouting stopped altogether. 

It has been 15 happy years since then. Not once have I shouted at my family in that time. 

It’s all thanks to the biblical, heart first approach I took with my sin. 

Now I teach that very same "heart-first" approach in Foundations of Personal Transformation!

Foundations of Personal Transformation is a meaty course. 

In it, I teach not only the four spiritual disciplines for quiet time… 

But also the theology of the heart first approach.

I also have bonus lessons on the four biggest problems of spiritual growth. 

In fact, why don’t I just give you a quick run-down of the course itself?

Here's what you get in Foundations of Personal Transformation!

Four videos on theology of devotions:

1. The Heart and Change

Understanding the Biblical Model of the Heart

This video covers:

2. Purpose: Grace through holiness

Understanding God's purpose for you

This video covers:

3. Applying Scripture to the Heart

Getting practical with growth

In this module, you'll discover:

4. Praying with Meaning

How to make prayer easier than it has been in the past

In this module, you'll discover:

Four videos on the spiritual disciplines:

1. Bible Reading

How to approach reading the word of God

In this module, you'll discover:

2. Structure Through Journaling

Master this one approach to give your devotional life structure

In this module, you'll discover:

3. Meditation

How to meditate on the word of God

In this module, you'll discover:

4. Prayer

The strategies I recommend for regular prayer

In this module, you'll discover:

Plus, you get four videos on the most common obstacles to spiritual growth

1. Time and Consistency

How to get consistent with a devotional time

In this module, you'll discover:

2. Hindrances to Growth & Journaling

What stops you growing, and how to combat it

In this module, you'll discover:

3. Addressing a Wandering Heart

Why we cannot rely on the way we feel for spiritual growth

In this module, you'll discover:

4. Overcoming Major Hindrances

How to maintain joy in the Lord, regardless of your circumstances

In this module, you'll discover:

This course is a result of my 8 years in seminary and 30+ years in ministry

Here I am with my family while we were living in LA, where I attended the Master’s Seminary. 

It was there that I earned 4 degrees over 8 years. Those years of study have greatly blessed my ministry and helped me to serve others with a theological foundation. 

Here's what others have said about Foundations of Personal Transformation

Transformative!! It revolutionized my mornings which benefits the rest of the day. The journal template has become a "mini accountability partner" prompting me to do the important things.
Mark Chenhalls
FPT Customer
FPT is the real deal. It is transformational in speaking to the very heart of our faith and of who we are in Christ. It is practical in application, and the lessons are invaluable in guiding us in how to use our time well. Daryll is knowledgable and speaks from the heart and from a wealth of experience. He listens and answers questions and concerns thoroughly and with great understanding. Highly recommend.
Lucy Brown
FPT Customer
It has been a blessing by being served by you and Reagan Rose, for the glory of God. The course helped me a lot to my edification. All that I was doing, it was unplanned routine. It has helped me to start to a new year - following a particular reading plan. The course also revitalized me in my prayer life and to have a prayer list. I will start a new year at high note.
Edward Muladazi
FPT Customer

Foundations of Personal Transformation is the key to unlocking growth in your walk with Christ!

If you’ve been feeling stuck spiritually… 

Whether that’s:

  • Not knowing how to grow
  • Feeling like you’re not changing as a person
  • Not living with purpose or meaning
  • No time management or consistency
  • Feeling distant from God… 

Foundations of Personal Transformation will bless your walk with Christ and help you experience significant change in your life. 

This course gives you clarity about what to do on a daily basis to experience

growth in Christlikeness.

That’s the Lord’s biggest calling on your life.

Your #1 priority as a Christian should be to grow more like Christ every day. 

To submit your heart to His will. 

When you understand how spiritual disciplines contribute to your growth…

You won’t feel confused about why you’re doing your devotional. 

You will know exactly what to do in your devotional time to grow in Christlikeness!

This kind of clarity will give you incredible motivation to structure your devotional and be consistent with it. 

Your spiritual growth will be a blessing to those around you!

As you grow spiritually, your ministry will be more impactful. 

Whether that’s in your family, church, small group, or as a witness wherever you go!

As you grow in your wisdom about the biblical model of the heart, the way you deal with others will change.

Your ability to help others will improve, because of your firm foundation in scripture. 

When someone comes to you for advice, you’ll be able to help them with the heart model, rather than giving them your opinion or just moral support. 

As you grow in Christlikeness, your faith will strengthen, making you more able to face hardships.

One of the amazing benefits of having a consistent devotional time is the increase in faith you will feel. 

As you spend more time with the Lord bringing your heart before him, you’ll notice your faith in Him growing. 

This will give you a completely new perspective on the challenges in your life. 

Your understanding of the Lord’s will and character will be of great comfort. 

Your prayer life will have more vitality, helping you lean on Him. 

You will see clearly the answered prayer and His gracious work in everything that happens. 

When you buy Foundations of Personal Transformation today, you get this incredible bonus!

(Value $147)

POWER Mornings is a course on structuring your mornings for your growth and God's glory!

I’ve teamed up with my seminary buddy Reagan Rose to give you this special deal. 

Reagan runs Redeeming Productivity, a company that helps Christians get more done for the glory of God. 

In his course, POWER mornings, you will gain a whole new mindset about mornings that will help you set up each day for growth in 5 key areas!

This course will show how to have a POWER Morning routine!

This will take you from… 

  • Having no time to spend with the Lord
  • Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with your own goals
  • Pushing the activities dedicated to your own growth to the bottom of your to-do list each day
  • Doing everything “on the go” because you aren’t following a plan
  • Repeatedly experiencing overwhelm, frustration and procrastination

To a life where you’re stewarding your time, energy and resources for maximum growth at the beginning of each day.

Reagan teaches his secret strategy on structuring of your morning routine.

He gives you his 5 disciplines that make up a POWER Morning, and does a deep dive on each of the disciplines, teaching you how to get the most value out of each one. 

But his secret sauce really is in the ORDER he recommends you do each of the activities. 

I can’t give it away here, but I can tell you that Reagan has personally tested and tweaked his own personal morning routine for years and he shows you exactly what works best. 

The 5 elements of a POWER morning routine will maximize your… 

  • Spiritual growth, so that you’re prioritizing Christ every morning
  • Physical wellbeing, so that you energize your body for the day and glorify God in taking good care of what He blessed you with
  • Organization skills, so that you’re ready to get straight into your day at the end of a morning routine
  • Productivity, so that you’re getting the most important things taken care for before most people are even awake
  • Intellectual growth, so that you’re stimulating your brain with different material and staying on track with your reading goals

And best of all, Reagan takes all of the overwhelm out of it by giving you the exact methods he uses to make each discipline as enjoyable and effective as possible…

Meaning you won’t walk away feeling crushed by having to spend hours each morning doing a bunch of things you don’t enjoy.

Instead you’ll walk away with a feeling of “I got this“, and you’ll look forward to each morning because you’ve got the secret to a manageable structure. 

POWER Mornings will help you put an end to inconsistent attempts to making new habits.

Ever tried to create a new habit, only to find you’ve  dropped the ball a few weeks in?

Perhaps you’ve done this so many times you have stopped trying to set up new habits at all. 

“Oh well.” you might think. 

“I might as well face it. I will never [get fit, become a confident reader, prepare my sermons well before Sundays, etc.]”

If you’ve resigned yourself to “never” being able to set up and consistently execute a new habit… 

Well, you need to meet Reagan. 

He’s the man to go to about creating and executing new habits. 

But if you can’t get a personal meeting with him, POWER Mornings is the second best thing. 

You'll also be able to say goodbye to procrastination and poor time management!

If you can get just the first hour or so of your day into a routine… 

You’ll find the rest of your life far easier to manage and plan. 

And with POWER Mornings, Reagan gives you an exercise to make sure you set up the rest of your day. 

This means you don’t go from an effective and energizing morning to an unproductive day. 

Praise for POWER Mornings:

Foundations of Personal Transformation plus POWER Mornings will light a fire under your devotional time!

The two courses will help you:

  • Plan and structure your mornings for the glory of God
  • Set up your days for growth in Christlikeness
  • Give your prayer life a new vitality
  • Read your bible, pray, meditate on scripture, and journal regularly 
  • Have a theologically founded framework for viewing the world
  • Help you grow in godly character
  • Have a high view of God and desire to please him
  • Experience dynamic biblical growth and transformation
  • Overcome old habits, patterns, and sin
  • See changes in yourself that please God
  • Grow in your ministry and better serve the church, your family, and friends

These two courses usually sell for $244 if you buy them separately

Which, if you ask me, is a pretty small investment. 

After all, the potential they have to change your life… 

Is enormous. 

With Foundations of Personal Transformation, you will gain a biblical understanding of the heart, which will help you transform into the likeness of Christ. 

Your life will be characterized by daily peace, joy, and righteousness. 

And with POWER Mornings… 

You could set up your daily routine to grow in spiritual, intellectual and physical health. 

These two courses together will give you clarity, direction, and motivation in your spiritual life. 

Even though these courses together are worth $244, if you buy today you get a discount of $97 USD!

Value: $97

Value $147

Plus, you get access to two Discord Communities!

Reagan’s course, POWER Mornings has a private discord community. 

  • Support, fellowship, accountability 
  • Direct access to Reagan
  • Your questions about the course answered!

Value $120/year

I also have a private Discord community for Foundations of Personal Transformation customers!

  • Support, fellowship, accountability 
  • Direct access to me (Darryl)
  • Your questions about the course answered!

Value $120/year

Get both courses PLUS access to the private communities for just $147 today!

This is the last time you will see this deal at this price.

After we close this sale, both courses will be for sale individually. 

 (And don’t be surprised if the courses go up in price soon.)

Foundations of Personal Transformation will probably be $147 on its own after this deal expires. 

Get access to both courses and watch your spiritual growth skyrocket!

This bundle will take you from a place of uncertainty about spiritual growth to a place of confidence in your own walk with the Lord and your ability to disciple others.  

I am really looking forward to hearing about the amazing growth you experience.

In Christ, 



What does this bundle include?

You get POWER Mornings by Reagan Rose (usually $147) and my course, Foundations of Personal Transformation (intro price: $97) for a one-time payment of $147. These are both online courses which you will need a device and an internet connection for. 

POWER Mornings is a course on setting up a Christ-exalting morning routine, so that you can get more done for the glory of God. 

Foundations of Personal Transformation is a course on spiritual growth through spiritual disciplines, to help you grow in your walk with the Lord and experience profound change in your life.

How do I access my purchases?

You will receive two emails after you complete the checkout, one from me (Darryl) and one from Reagan. Each will give you login details to access each course.

What format are the courses in?

Both courses are in video format, and include downloadable worksheets. 

Foundations of Personal Transformation also contains video transcripts for each video.

What credentials do you have to be teaching me about spiritual growth?

I hold a PhD in Biblical Counseling, a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Theology, as well as a B.A. in Biblical Counseling. 

I have been in ministry for over 30 years, and through that time have served in varying places such as in eldership,  as a biblical counselor, and teaching others how to counsel biblically. I am also a husband and father, with three daughters now all in their 20s. 

Reagan holds an MDiv from the Masters Seminary and runs Redeeming Productivity which has helped 100s of people become more productive for the kingdom of God. 

Do you have any guarantees?

We guarantee you will love our courses :). 

It is our firm belief that if you consume and apply the training inside this bundle you will see growth in your walk with the Lord and transformation in your heart and life. 

If you are truly dissatisfied with your purchase, you can contact and we will issue you a refund within 30 days. 

What kind of commitment do I have to put in?

We encourage you to watch the trainings, and apply what you learn in your life. 

This bundle is designed to help you structure your mornings to better glorify God and spend meaningful time with him, so expect that you might have to change the way you currently spend your mornings!

(We aren’t giving any “rules” of course, but we think our suggestions might inspire you to do things a little differently.)

Will I really change?

We have a good reason to believe you will. 

Our courses are designed to give you the skills, tools and the theology for lasting personal growth. 

If you can implement even 10 percent of what we teach, you will see a return on your effort. And ultimately, our faith is in the Lord, who will not stop the good work he began in you until the day of Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 1:6).

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