4 reasons you need to take your spiritual cancer seriously

Pride, like cancer, feeds on anything it can get to destroy everything it touches

If you had cancer, you’d want to know, right? Nobody wants to be ignorant when a little bit more of them dies each day. Nobody who finds out they have cancer will do nothing. Instead, we will get help, research all the possible treatments, and make whatever changes are necessary to eradicate it from our body. But we won’t do any of this if we don’t know what this spiritual cancer is or how subtle and destructive it is.

Why and how to adopt a mindset to defeat spiritual cancer

Mindfulness Meditation: 3 Reasons Christians need to abstain

Mindfulness meditation is not the only or the best way to obtain its benefits

Today I received an email from a popular Christian writer who challenged his large audience to take up mindfulness meditation.1 He cited four benefits of meditation from Psychology Today in support of establishing it as a daily practice. In the email he sent out to subscribers, this author explained that “its roots go back to Biblical times and ancient cultures.” But does mindfulness meditation trace its roots to the Bible? Should Christians meditate?2

Mindfulness meditation

How to transform your quiet time today for free

Focus your quiet time on what pleases the Lord

There are lots of things we can focus on in our lives. But there is one main thing that the Lord wants us to pursue throughout our lives – transformation into the likeness of Christ. Therefore, I’m excited to announce an all new FREE training series to help you make your quiet times transformative.

Transformative Quiet Times

What does it mean to be holy?

Holiness is the practical outworking of humility

The word holy is frequently and rightly used to refer to God (Isa 6:3), but it the Bible also uses the word to refer to believers. In fact, believers are called saints, which is a translation of the Greek word for holy. Paul begins his letter to the Romans referring to those he was writing to as people who God “called as saints,” or more literally called as holy ones. We see this language all through the Bible, so what does it mean to be holy? (more…)

What is holiness?

Have you sacrificed spiritual growth for spirituality?

Mere spirituality is a substitute for what God wants of us.

Recently a prominent Christian leader made a comment that he knew people in overt sin who had “as good a spiritual life as I do.”1 When a Christian can say someone in wanton sin has as good a spiritual life as we do, we should be alarmed. Statements like this suggest we’ve sacrificed spiritual growth at the altar of spirituality. It is easy to make this exchange, so we must be vigilant. How can you know if you’ve sacrificed spiritual growth for spirituality?

Have you exchanged spiritual growth for spirituality?