November 2021 Spiritual Growth Survey


I’m very close to finishing up my brand new course on spiritual growth. This is something that’s been in the works for years, since the days of my flagship course Transformative Quiet Times! It’s finally time to wrap it up, and I’ll be releasing it at the end of November.

This new course will be about having a quiet time in which you mature spiritually and experience real, lasting heart change. It’s going to give you a solid foundation for personal growth, rooted in your relationship with Christ. You’ll learn the theology of quiet time, as well as the “HOW” and the “WHY” of spiritual disciplines in quiet time. 

It’s going to cover exactly how you can set up your days with Christ as Lord over your heart and life, and cause you to see real fruitfulness in your ministry and your relationships, as well as a profound peace in your own soul. 

As I mentioned, I’ve nearly finished putting it together, but I need some help. This is where YOU come in. If you could answer just TWO questions about what you would like to learn most when it comes to spiritual growth, you’ll inform the finishing touches I put on the course and even influence the way it’s delivered. 

So, what are your top two questions about spiritual growth that I absolutely NEED to answer in my new course?

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