Dr Darryl Burling

PhD., Biblical Counseling

Helping You To

Grow in Christlikeness


Serve His Kingdom

Through the Practical Application of Scripture

Hi, I'm Darryl Burling.

It’s my mission to help Christians live Christ-exalting lives by teaching them the fundamentals of spiritual growth.

Have you every wondered “What is spiritual growth? How do I know if I’m growing in my walk with the Lord? What’s God’s will for me?”

If so, you’re not alone. For years I had the same questions, and my desire to know the answers propelled me halfway across the world to study at seminary. I eventually graduated with 4 degrees, my PhD being in biblical counselling.

The Lord has been very gracious in helping me learn and grow, and now I’m blessed to be able to teach what it means to have a biblical foundation for growth. 

If you want to grow in Christlikeness, start my requesting a copy of my top 6 book recommendations on the topic!


Master New Testament Greek is a membership program designed to help anyone learn to read biblical Greek.

If you desire to know the word of God more intimately, you can’t beat learning to read it in the original language. This has immense flow-on effects into your ministry and your walk with the Lord. 

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