On my blog you will find articles to help you grow in your walk with the Lord. I wrote these articles while studying my Masters degrees and PhD. I hope these articles will greatly encourage you to apply the scriptures to your life and do all you do for the glory of God (1 Cor 10:31). 

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What is the best method to highlight my Bible?

What is the best way to highlight my Bible?

What is the best way to highlight my Bible? If you haven’t written in your Bible, but you’re considering doing so, this might be a question you’re asking. Once pen is on the paper it can’t be removed, so having a good approach to start with can ensure consistency and ultimately will add to the

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The quick and easy guide to quiet time journaling

If you’ve never journaled before, you might like to try prompted journaling to get you going. This means you can have a fixed starting point that will take just a few minutes each day. Here is a suggested recipe you might like to use for beginning journaling.

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How and why you should combine your heart and growth goals

One of the characteristics of a well-designed goal is that it is the right thing to do. Setting a goal to do something, even a good thing, that is not the right thing draws us away from what we should really be doing. When it comes to our quiet times, it is no different. While

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Growth In Holiness

The Christian life is a life of growth. We are called to grow in holiness, or Christlikeness, if you prefer. 

If we belong to Christ we are under obligation to live according to the Spirit (Rom 8:12-14). God also works in us for His good purpose (Phil 2:12-13) which means walking in the good works He has appointed for us (Eph 2:10).

The problem is that for many the idea of holiness conjures images of people praying in church or some other “sacred” activity that is divorced from everyday life. But holiness just means setting ourselves apart for God in every aspect of our lives.

Holiness means we are to extend Christ’s influence over us beyond our quiet time and church.

A relationship with Christ is more than just knowing about Christ. A saving relationship with Christ is every part of your life lived according to His will. Therefore, personal holiness, or being set apart to the Lord affects every aspect of our lives. Peter exhorted the recipients of his first letter, like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior. If we are to be holy people, we are to be set apart for the Lord in the mundane as well as the “sacred.”

In fact, it is better to say that for someone who is holy, every part of their life is sacred because every part of their life is set apart for the Lord.

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