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What is a good way to present the gospel?

As Christians, we have a responsibility to present the gospel clearly and fully. This is why I love the question Alistair asked: What is a good way to present the gospel?

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If you want to enjoy and benefit from your quiet times, let me send you this free guide. In it you’ll find 8 key tips with links to articles for more information.

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Ask a Pastor: Why have a quiet time?

Why have a quiet time? Why is a quiet time important and what do I miss out on if I don’t have one? These are two questions I’ve asked of several people recently. This week I want to highlight the answer given to me by Dr. Jack Hughes, who pastors Crossing Church Louisville. How does a pastor answer these questions?

How to create and maintain a reliable prayer list

Many people start a new year resolving to pray more. A commitment to prayer is an excellent resolution, but it is hard to keep without a structured approach. So, where do you start? If we want to be people who are faithful and reliable in prayer, we need a list that will help us stay focused and stay fresh. Here’s how to create and maintain a prayer list.

13 excellent reasons you should write in your Bible

Do you write in your Bible? I do. In fact, the photo below is one of my  Bibles. Almost every page in this Bible has some marking in it. I love it. But it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I dared not write in my Bible. Now, I write in almost all of my Bibles. Here are some of the reasons why you should write in your Bible.

Fall in love with Journalling with these quick tips.

Maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of journalling but it seems a bit daunting.  The following are a few tips I’ve learned from several years of journalling, and while they are aimed at Christians journalling for the benefit of their spiritual walk, many of the points will apply to journalling in general.

Here is the ultimate guide to the better Bible reading plans

Want in your love for the Lord and His word, but don’t want to take on too much? Maybe your existing Bible reading plan is getting old, or you’re looking for another. When it comes to Bible reading plans, there are an almost limitless series of options available. Here is the ultimate guide to the better Bible reading plans out there.

Dump your phone: 10 reasons your paper Bible is better

The paper Bible has fallen on hard times over the last decade as smartphones have made a surge in appeal and Bible apps have become ubiquitous and (finally) usable. But there are still very good reasons why Christians should seriously consider giving the paper Bible the priority it once had. Let me explain.

How to overcome your most important spiritual weakness

No doubt you’ve heard the quote by D. L. Moody, “Sin will keep you from the Bible or the Bible will keep you from sin.” This suggests our most important weakness is the one that keeps us out of the word of God. What is that one spiritual weakness for you and how can you overcome it?

Fake Prayer: Here are the signs to look for

When I discovered that I lacked integrity in prayer, it was shocking. In fact, I’m still coming to terms with it. It seems that the more I discover about myself, the more I see a lack of integrity in my prayer. But while this has been an eye-opening discovery, there is one other discovery that was even more frightening: Others can tell that I lack integrity in prayer. Here are the signs to look for to identify fake prayer.

More Articles

How to measure your growth in character

As we come to the end of a calendar year, it is often helpful to review where we’ve come from in order to prepare better for the following year. There are two areas of our spiritual life to consider as we review our spiritual growth throughout the year. In this article, we’ll consider how we can assess growth in character. In the next article we’ll assess how our spiritual disciplines have contributed to this growth.

6 ways a focus on your quiet time helps achieve ministry success

Have you ever heard of a pastor falling into gross sin? Did you stop to wonder why it happened? Every situation is different, but there are several commonalities, one of which is the breakdown of the devotional life. In most cases, the individual stops having a quiet time. In some cases, they maintain their devotions, but in reality, they are meeting with a God of their own imagination. Whether you’re counseling, a pastor or serving at a church picnic, your quiet time can set you up for ministry success. Here are 6 ways a focus on your quiet time helps achieve ministry success.

read more…

What are the private commitments of a Biblical counselor?

Not far from where I live there is pastor whose marriage has broken down. Yet, he is still in ministry. If your marriage or a friend’s marriage was having difficulties, would you go to him for help? Why not? It obvious that there are certain commitments that the biblical counselor must hold to. So, what are the private commitments of a biblical counselor? read more…

Here are the 10 pillars of a counselor’s worldview

Becoming a biblical counselor is not as simple as just saying we use the Bible in counseling. The Bible must be allowed to permeate every part of our worldview. But there are 10 pillars of a counselor’s worldview that the word of God must clearly inform. These 10 pillars have important implications for the way a counselor will approach and help people solve problems. Here are the 10 pillars of a counselor’s worldview that must be thoroughly biblical to legitimately be called a biblical counselor. read more…

The 3 key commitments you need to defeat spiritual cancer

I’m reminded of Jesus’ question to the paralytic in John 5:6, “Do you wish to get well?” It seems like an odd question to ask someone that has been sitting on the side of the road asking for money every day for many years. I’m sure the casual reader would think, “Of course he does! Who wouldn’t?” But what if the paralytic had said no? It isn’t a hypothetical question at all. And when it comes to the pride that plagues the soul, this question is pertinent. Do you want to be well from your spiritual cancer? If so there are three key commitments you’ll need. read more…

4 reasons you need to take your spiritual cancer seriously

If you had cancer, you’d want to know, right? Nobody wants to be ignorant when a little bit more of them dies each day. Nobody who finds out they have cancer will do nothing. Instead, we will get help, research all the possible treatments, and make whatever changes are necessary to eradicate it from our body. But we won’t do any of this if we don’t know what this spiritual cancer is or how subtle and destructive it is. read more…

4 Ways God develops humility in His people

I recently received an email pointing out an area of weakness in my understanding. I felt the familiar pang of humiliation (we all know it). It made me question whether it is right for me to pursue a particular course of action. Ultimately, humiliation is another way that the Lord humbles us. There are four primary ways God develops humility in His people. Some of His ways may appear harder to bear than others, but developing humility is a painful exercise for everyone. read more…

Mindfulness Meditation: 3 Reasons Christians need to abstain

Today I received an email from a popular Christian writer who challenged his large audience to take up mindfulness meditation.1 He cited four benefits of meditation from Psychology Today in support of establishing it as a daily practice. In the email he sent out to subscribers, this author explained that “its roots go back to Biblical times and ancient cultures.” But does mindfulness meditation trace its roots to the Bible? Should Christians meditate?2 read more…

5 motivations to pursue humility that will test you

I remember a time in my younger days where a wiser, older gentleman was gracious enough to tell me that I was proud. At the time I was a new Christian, and frankly, I didn’t take the news well, which served to prove his point. Over the years, I’ve come to see the truth of his words more and more, but there is one thing I wish he had told me when he exposed my pride. The Bible provides motivations to pursue humility. read more…

Are you humble? How to avoid falling into this trap

As a new Christian, someone told me that I was proud. I tried to change. I grew a little and 20 years later, while thinking I had grown, someone else told me the same thing again. Of course, they were right both times, though it was hard to hear. But having tried to grow as Christian, why was I still arrogant? It turns out I had thought of humility as a destination, a place I could arrive at. In reality, I hadn’t arrived at all. Though I still haven’t arrived, I have learned to think of humility as a pursuit instead of a destination. read more…

What does it mean to be holy?

The word holy is frequently and rightly used to refer to God (Isa 6:3), but it the Bible also uses the word to refer to believers. In fact, believers are called saints, which is a translation of the Greek word for holy. Paul begins his letter to the Romans referring to those he was writing to as people who God “called as saints,” or more literally called as holy ones. We see this language all through the Bible, so what does it mean to be holy? read more…

Use your quiet time to grow!

Did you know that almost all Christians struggle in some way with quiet times? Most of us have never had any teaching on the subject.


I’m impressed with Darryl Burling’s method of tying vocabulary acquisition to a graded reading of actual New Testament texts. I recommend this resource to my students.

Dr. Rob Plummer, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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