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Memorization – a Mother’s story

After my post about memorizing scripture in January, I received an email from a busy wife and mother named Cherie who told me she had been memorizing scripture and had now memorized 32 chapters in total, and was on her way to memorizing more.

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5 simple questions to select the right Bible Reading Plan

At the end of December and the beginning of January, many Christians go out to select a Bible reading plan for the following year. Around February or March, a surprisingly small percentage of people are persisting with their selection. There are many reasons why, but asking these five simple questions will help you select the

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5 (good) reasons to know how much of a sinner you are

Sometimes we have days when we can’t help but see how much of a sinner we are. These are often discouraging days! But especially when our sin is exposed, we can know God is doing us good. Here are just 5 reasons why finding out how much of a sinner you are can be a blessing.

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Why you probably need a new Bible

This post will sound a little like a license to be extravagant or possibly even irresponsible. That isn’t my intention. But I want to challenge the thinking that if you have a Bible, you don’t need another one. This is the sort of thinking that classifies the Bible as a book. If you have one

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10 tips to boost your memorization of the Bible

Have you ever memorized scripture? I mean really memorized it – like whole chapters or even whole books of the Bible. It can be tough to get going, but the rewards are huge. Imagine being able to recite passages like this inspiring example. Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years for memorizing

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The quick and easy guide to quiet time journaling

If you’ve never journaled before, you might like to try prompted journaling to get you going. This means you can have a fixed starting point that will take just a few minutes each day. Here is a suggested recipe you might like to use for beginning journaling.

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Do you have the right purpose for biblical growth?

If you’re considering reviewing your spiritual growth this year so that you can have an effective pattern of growth next year, there are two things to review. Last time, we looked at reviewing our growth in character over the year. Assessing our growth in maturity is helpful after we’ve planned and executed on a plan.

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Are you humble? How to avoid falling into this trap

As a new Christian, someone told me that I was proud. I tried to change. I grew a little and 20 years later, while thinking I had grown, someone else told me the same thing again. Of course, they were right both times, though it was hard to hear. But having tried to grow as

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