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How to make your mornings work for you

When it comes to getting up early to spend time with the Lord, you can either change your day to suit your rhythm or change your rhythm to match the demands of your day. For most, their day is immovable, so here are my tips for how to make your mornings work for you.

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The 1 powerful reason you need to keep a journal

There is one key reason I haven’t yet given for keeping a journal. It is the one reason journaling is so important for followers of Christ. Before we leave the topic of journaling, I want to give you one powerful reason to keep a journal.

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Do you pray with integrity?

There is no question that prayer is a difficult discipline to develop, but perhaps the biggest reason why this is the case is that it feels fake. I don’t mean that we pray without believing that God hears, but that sometimes we just don’t feel like what we pray is what we are thinking or

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Is meditation missing from your quiet time?

Is this important element missing from your quiet time?

During my Christian life, I’ve tried lots of Bible reading plans. When I had rigorous reading plans, I found that I often had an element missing from my quiet time that prevented me from benefiting from my reading as I could. I’ve found that this element is missing from the quiet times of others too,

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30 questions to expose the sin of pride and find areas of spiritual weakness

30 questions that will expose your heart

A key aspect of spiritual growth is growing in awareness of our need of God’s grace. But diagnosing our heart can be difficult and generic questions just don’t cut it. So here are 30 questions to expose our sin of pride and identify areas of spiritual weakness that we can work on in our quiet times.

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What does it really mean to be Spiritual?

We are used to hearing  people describe themselves as “spiritual.” What these people often mean is that they believe they are more than atoms and molecules, and that there is an immaterial part to them. They may even use some sort of spiritual exercise or discipline to cultivate their spirituality. However, according to the Apostle Paul, most people who say they

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How to overcome sin using your quiet time

You know that one of the primary goals the Lord has for us is our sanctification. So, why not use your quiet time to conduct a search and destroy mission for sin? Since we’ve covered elements of this on this blog over the last couple of months, let’s summarize what we’ve covered so that we

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Humility is a pursuit, not a destination

Are you humble? How to avoid falling into this trap

As a new Christian, someone told me that I was proud. I tried to change. I grew a little and 20 years later, while thinking I had grown, someone else told me the same thing again. Of course, they were right both times, though it was hard to hear. But having tried to grow as

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Here is a little thank you just for you!

In 2016, I restarted regularly blogging. I decided to begin my work on a subject near and dear to my heart – holy living through transformative quiet times. We’re almost finished with this first series, but there is much more coming in 2017, and I look forward to sharing that with you when I resume

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