Helping Christians Grow in Their Walk With Christ

and Serve His Kingdom

Have you every wondered “What is spiritual growth? How do I know if I’m growing in my walk with the Lord? What’s God’s will for me?”

If so, you’re not alone. For years I had the same questions, and my desire to know the answers propelled me halfway across the world to study at seminary. I eventually graduated with 4 degrees, my PhD being in biblical counselling.

The Lord has been very gracious in helping me learn and grow, and now I’m blessed to be able to teach what it means to have a biblical foundation for growth. 

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Transformative Quiet Times

How to transform your quiet time today for free

There are lots of things we can focus on in our lives. But there is one main thing that the Lord wants us to pursue throughout our lives – transformation into the likeness of Christ. Therefore, I’m excited to announce an all new FREE training series to help you make your quiet times transformative.

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What is a relationship with God anyway?

I thought God wants to have a relationship with me? So why is holiness God’s purpose for us? Often evangelists talk about having a relationship with God, but often they don’t explain that this relationship is dependent on growing in holiness. So what is a relationship with God and why is holiness so important?

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Change. Don’t just abstain from doing evil!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to stop working on sin too easily. Rather than working on it right through to doing what is right, I think I’m transformed just because I abstain from doing evil! Yet in terms of biblical change, I’ve only done half the work! Biblical change is about more than just abstaining

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How to set an effective growth goal

Have you ever got excited about starting something new? I recall many times in my life where I feel inspired and look forward to beginning a new work, only to find myself in a situation where what I’ve started is overwhelming. Then the excitement wears off and I find myself stuck in the same situation

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The quick and easy guide to quiet time journaling

If you’ve never journaled before, you might like to try prompted journaling to get you going. This means you can have a fixed starting point that will take just a few minutes each day. Here is a suggested recipe you might like to use for beginning journaling.

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5 reasons to give thanks every day

5 reasons to give thanks every day

Despite living in what is possibly the most abundant and prosperous society that has ever existed on earth, we aren’t as thankful as we should be. Thankfulness is not something that comes naturally. This applies to me, and it is probably true of you too. Thankfulness is a theme of the Bible. In fact God

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