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The most powerful thing you can do for repentance

When I was working at putting off my sinful anger a few years ago, I was taught these three steps of repentance. The most powerful for me was this step. This one step changed my attitude to this sin and allowed me to put to death the sin that was in me. I continue to

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3 Functions of the heart you need to know

Know these 3 functions of your heart to grow

In this article you’ll find the 3 functions of the heart according to the Bible, and how they relate to each other. This will help you. begin to see why you do what you do, so you can begin to confront the patterns of your flesh.

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The 3 areas of understanding you need to grow in

Spiritual transformation is about taking in truth as God reveals it in His word and letting it affect our beliefs, interpretations, desires, feelings, commitments and actions. How do we do this? It starts with reading the Word of God and letting it affect us. Here are three areas of knowledge that help us grow in

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Memorization – a Mother’s methods

How did Cherie, a busy mother memorize 32 chapters of the Bible? Is it possible for you to memorize scripture?  Read through the methods Cherie used and see for yourself.  It is possible.  Don’t start with the goal of memorizing 32 chapters, but start with a goal of memorizing a chapter and work from there.

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What are the most important spiritual disciplines and why?

While reading through the different books about spiritual disciplines, you might walk away confused about which spiritual disciplines you should focus. One major book on Spiritual disciplines has 11; another has 17, and yet another 7. What’s more frustrating is that there is little overlap between these lists. When it comes to your quiet time, there are

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Daily Devotional Books

Are Daily Devotional Books good for my quiet time?

Daily devotional books are found in almost every Christian home. It might be a monthly “Word for the Day” or an annual collection such as Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening. For many Christians, these daily devotional books are their primary exposure to Christian writing. But are they a good tool for a daily quiet time? I

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Create a daily habit to grow in your pursuit of holiness

The one habit that will cause assured spiritual growth

Have you ever had a new years resolution that you didn’t keep? If you’re like me, a better question might be, Have I ever kept a new years resolution? If we’ve reviewed our maturity and determined to prioritize the pursuit of holiness, we need to have an action plan that will bring it about. It

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