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4 Ways God develops humility in His people

I recently received an email pointing out an area of weakness in my understanding. I felt the familiar pang of humiliation (we all know it). It made me question whether it is right for me to pursue a particular course of action. Ultimately, humiliation is another way that the Lord humbles us. There are four

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5 Ways memorizing scripture will make you more effective

Most books on spiritual disciplines include the discipline of memorization. Most of us memorize scripture in Sunday school or youth group, but then we stop. However, anyone who has seriously memorized scripture will testify that memorizing scripture is a powerful discipline to make us more effective Christians. 

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How to make your quiet time transformative

There are times for all of us when our quiet times seem to become laborious. For some reason the joy is gone and opening our Bible every day becomes plain hard work. Distractions seem so interesting, don’t they? Before we know it, our time is up and we need to move on to the next

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What is a relationship with God?

What is a relationship with God anyway?

I thought God wants to have a relationship with me? So why is holiness God’s purpose for us? Often evangelists talk about having a relationship with God, but often they don’t explain that this relationship is dependent on growing in holiness. So what is a relationship with God and why is holiness so important?

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Why you probably need a new Bible

This post will sound a little like a license to be extravagant or possibly even irresponsible. That isn’t my intention. But I want to challenge the thinking that if you have a Bible, you don’t need another one. This is the sort of thinking that classifies the Bible as a book. If you have one

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How Confession Helps us Pray with Integrity

4 ways confession helps you pray with integrity

We tend to avoid the confession of personal sin. Sin loves to stay hidden in the darkness and our flesh resists being honest about ourselves before God. But integrity is essential, particularly in our relationship with the Lord. In fact, it is not possible to pray with integrity without confession. Here’s how confession helps you

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How to set an effective growth goal

Have you ever got excited about starting something new? I recall many times in my life where I feel inspired and look forward to beginning a new work, only to find myself in a situation where what I’ve started is overwhelming. Then the excitement wears off and I find myself stuck in the same situation

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How to turn spiritual weakness into strength

Have you ever looked at your weaknesses (sin and corruption) and wondered how in the world people have any respect for you? It is often easy to look on the bad side, and unfortunately it is even easier to become discouraged and even depressed by looking at our sin, but this is an ungodly response,

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