The Pillars of Biblical Counseling

Lesson 3: What it means to be human

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What we consider man to be, reflects the authority we hold to. The world says very different things about mankind than the Bible. Is man three parts or two or one? If people are nothing but biological machines, where does personality fit? On the other hand, are we spiritual creatures? If so, what does that mean? What is the role of biology? Does the spiritual affect the biological? If so how? The answers to these questions produce very different approaches to people and their problems.

More importantly, what we believe constitutes a human being will have a profound influence on how those we counsel think about themselves and their circumstances. Many people think of themselves as victims of conditions that there is no cure for. Generally, these beliefs are based on wrong views of man and are unhelpful to the person who holds them, keeping them enslaved to circumstances, expenses and problems unnecessarily.

What will distinguish the view you and I take is the source of our information, or the authority we select.

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The Pillars of Biblical Counseling

Whether you want counseling or you want to help others, being a biblical counselor is not as simple as just saying we use the Bible in counseling. The Bible must be allowed to permeate every part of our worldview. There are 10 pillars of a counselor’s worldview that the word of God must clearly inform. These 10 pillars have important implications for the way a counselor will approach and help people solve problems.

This free series examines these pillars and leads you into a basic grounding in them.

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