What is the one result I need from my daily devotional?

It is not how often we have it, but the result of our daily devotional that matters

The character of God matters to our quiet times. There are several big lessons we should learn as we read the Bible. We should learn that God is great. The more we understand this, the more we will recognize that we exist for Him and He is to be worshiped on His terms. Therefore, there is one key result we need from our daily devotional.

What is the one result I need from my daily devotional?

5 simple questions to select the right Bible Reading Plan

Don't get overwhelmed, select the reading plan that works for you

At the end of December and the beginning of January, many Christians go out to select a Bible reading plan for the following year. Around February or March, a surprisingly small percentage of people are persisting with their selection. There are many reasons why, but asking these five simple questions will help you select the right Bible reading plan for your needs, and help keep you from becoming a statistic.

What are the most important spiritual disciplines and why?

There are 5 disciplines that are particularly impactful when practiced daily

While reading through the different books about spiritual disciplines, you might walk away confused about which spiritual disciplines you should focus. One major book on Spiritual disciplines has 11; another has 17, and yet another 7. What’s more frustrating is that there is little overlap between these lists. When it comes to your quiet time, there are five disciplines that we need to include. 

How to memorize the Bible one memory verse at a time

3 approaches to memorizing scripture

Let me be the first to acknowledge that memorizing the Bible is hard work. It is mentally taxing and requires great discipline. But add to this the fact that we don’t all think the same way, and it follows that remembering memory verses works differently for all of us. So, when it comes to memorizing Scripture, we need a system that works for our mind and daily routine. Here are three approaches to memorizing scripture one memory verse at a time.

How to memorize the Bible one memory verse at a time

How to set powerful goals for memorizing scripture

Struggling to memorize scripture? Maybe you're aiming too low...

Do you find memorizing scripture to be an intimidating idea? Sometimes the reason is not that we don’t know how, but that we don’t meet the challenge with the right degree of intentionality. Having goals for memorizing scripture is a powerful way to overcome the intimidation and grow your knowledge of the Bible

How to set powerful goals for memorizing scripture

5 Ways memorizing scripture will make you more effective

Memorizing scripture has greater impact that just reading

Most books on spiritual disciplines include the discipline of memorization. Most of us memorize scripture in Sunday school or youth group, but then we stop. However, anyone who has seriously memorized scripture will testify that memorizing scripture is a powerful discipline to make us more effective Christians. 

How to meditate on the word of God

We need the right heart to meditate. Here are 4 key attributes of the heart.

Meditation is an often misunderstood practice. Many believe that to meditate means to empty your mind, but the scriptures teach that the opposite is true. Meditation is about filling your mind with the right thing to bring about increased holiness. But how do we meditate on the word of God?

Is this important element missing from your quiet time?

Is your quiet time outcome focused or task focused?

During my Christian life, I’ve tried lots of Bible reading plans. When I had rigorous reading plans, I found that I often had an element missing from my quiet time that prevented me from benefiting from my reading as I could. I’ve found that this element is missing from the quiet times of others too, though many don’t realize it. Is this important element missing from your quiet time?

Is meditation missing from your quiet time?