Your ministry is my ministry

Hi, I’m Darryl Burling

I help people minister to other people through biblical counselling, teaching and Greek. 

My goal is to see the glory of Christ magnified as His church grows.

I look forward to serving you!

Resources for pastors lay leaders, and believers


Quiet Times

My PhD minor is in biblical spirituality. We’re all a work in progress, and I’m learning like you. I’ve written extensively on how to have a quiet time, and you can 


Biblical Counselling

I’m a founder and trustee at Growth Counselling Institute. We are a New Zealand based Biblical Counselling Training Organization.

I am the creator of Master New Testament Greek. If you want the clarity and confidence that comes from being able to read the Greek New Testament, I can help.


In all my work, my main goal is to serve you by helping you to grow so that you can be more effective.

When you’re growing, the people you minister to will also grow. 

Ken Anema

"Every seminary student (along with busy pastors) should take advantage of “Mastering NT Greek.” Darryl Burling has done us all a great favor!"

Steven Pretsel

"Transformative Quiet Times has given me a very clear purpose for my quiet times and has helped me to grow in spiritual maturity. It's a very practical, adaptable, and manageable course that will have ongoing benefits for years to come."

Tyler Sykora

"There is nothing greater than spending time in the real New Testament. Master NT Greek is a great tool that furthers that end."

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