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From time to time I’m asked questions related to the subjects I write about. Many of these questions are questions from the experiences we all have as Christians living in a fallen world. To help everyone, I’ve started responding by video and then posting the video online for others to benefit from.

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Recent Questions

Are special needs the same as mental health problems?

In our last few questions, I’ve answered questions about mental health from a Christian perspective. This week, Wilma asks if special needs are the same as mental health issues? Can we say this is caused by sin?

How should a Christian understand mental health?

We’ve all been affected by mental health issues or know someone who has been affected by it in some way. This means that facts are often confused with error. So, how should Christians understand mental health? Can we do something about it, or are we stuck with it?

Is mental illness a result of parental sin?

Since I’ve been back in New Zealand, I’ve been alarmed at the way Christians have embraced the notion of mental illness. This week I answer the question of whether mental illness is a result of parental sin. Along the way we look at what it is.

Are disabilities the result of parental sin?

Do you or someone you know have a disability? Is it really a disability? The world tries to dictate normality to us, but not everything we call a disability is. However, no disabilities are a result of the sin of the parents. In this week’s question, I explain why.
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Who was Cain afraid of?

Have you ever wondered about the population of the world in the early chapters of Genesis? How many people were around? Specifically who was Cain afraid of when he was cast out?
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Q&A: How can I demonstrate that miraculous gifts have ceased?

Many people today hold that tongues, healing, and prophecy is something we should expect within the church. How can we prove from the scriptures that the miraculous gifts have ceased, when godly scholars such as D.A. Carson, Wayne Grudem, Sam Storms, Matt Chandler and John Piper hold that they continue?
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Q&A: What can I do if my church manipulates me to give?

Giving is a tricky subject. Our flesh is inherently selfish. As church members, we need to strive to be generous. But church leaders also need to be honorable in the way they manage the resources gifted by the church. Some churches do this better than other churches, so what can I do if my church manipulates me to give?

Q&A: What should I do when someone in sin wants to go to church

Have you ever known someone who is flagrant sin and who continues to go to church? In the case of someone who is an unbeliever, this is easy. We want them to come and hear the gospel. But what about when that person professes to be a believer? If a professing believer is in sin and wants to go to church, what can I do? Should they be allowed to go to church? How should we deal with this?
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Q&A: How can I get rid of my anger?

We’ve all been angry. Some of us live with anger. This question is from someone who sees hate and anger in their heart and who wants to get rid of it. How can we get rid of the anger in our heart?
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Q&A: Who holds church leaders accountable?

Who holds church leaders accountable? There are two answers that apply to every church leader. One doesn’t change regardless of the church you’re in and the other will┬ádepend on what sort of church you are in. Find out in this question who holds church leaders accountable. read more…

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