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I love answering questions related to the experiences we have in a fallen world. I’ve started responding to these questions by video and posting the answer here for everyone to benefit from. To ask your question, just click the button below!

Who was Cain afraid of?

Have you ever wondered about the population of the world in the early chapters of Genesis? How many people were around? Specifically who was Cain afraid of when he was cast out?

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Q&A: What can I do if my church manipulates me to give?

Giving is a tricky subject. Our flesh is inherently selfish. As church members, we need to strive to be generous. But church leaders also need to be honorable in the way they manage the resources gifted by the church. Some churches do this better than other churches, so what can I do if my church

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Q&A: Who holds church leaders accountable?

Who holds church leaders accountable? There are two answers that apply to every church leader. One doesn’t change regardless of the church you’re in and the other will¬†depend on what sort of church you are in. Find out in this question who holds church leaders accountable.

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