What is the best method to highlight my Bible?

What is the best way to highlight my Bible?

What is the best way to highlight my Bible? If you haven’t written in your Bible, but you’re considering doing so, this might be a question you’re asking. Once pen is on the paper it can’t be removed, so having a good approach to start with can ensure consistency and ultimately will add to the

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The quick and easy guide to quiet time journaling

If you’ve never journaled before, you might like to try prompted journaling to get you going. This means you can have a fixed starting point that will take just a few minutes each day. Here is a suggested recipe you might like to use for beginning journaling.

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10 tips to boost your memorization of the Bible

Have you ever memorized scripture? I mean really memorized it – like whole chapters or even whole books of the Bible. It can be tough to get going, but the rewards are huge. Imagine being able to recite passages like this inspiring example. Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years for memorizing

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How to bring joy to church leaders

How should we bring joy to church leaders? It is a question we probably haven’t asked ourselves before. I know it’s not something I’ve asked. But it is a question Wayne Mack asks in chapter 4 of Life in the Father’s House.

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Why and How Christian Freedom is Constrained

Christians are called to freedom, yet this freedom is not a libertarian freedom in which we simply get to do whatever we want. In fact, the Bible explains several qualifications of our freedom that indicate that our freedom is constrained. In Galatians 5:13-26 we are told that there are two key constraints to our freedom and

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