Are you humble? How to avoid falling into this trap

Why you should think of humility as a pursuit and not a destination

As a new Christian, someone told me that I was proud. I tried to change. I grew a little and 20 years later, while thinking I had grown, someone else told me the same thing again. Of course, they were right both times, though it was hard to hear. But having tried to grow as Christian, why was I still arrogant? It turns out I had thought of humility as a destination, a place I could arrive at. In reality, I hadn’t arrived at all. Though I still haven’t arrived, I have learned to think of humility as a pursuit instead of a destination.

Humility is a pursuit, not a destination

What does it mean to be holy?

Holiness is the practical outworking of humility

The word holy is frequently and rightly used to refer to God (Isa 6:3), but it the Bible also uses the word to refer to believers. In fact, believers are called saints, which is a translation of the Greek word for holy. Paul begins his letter to the Romans referring to those he was writing to as people who God “called as saints,” or more literally called as holy ones. We see this language all through the Bible, so what does it mean to be holy? (more…)

What is holiness?