3 simple steps to master New Testament Greek

Yesterday was an exciting day for me, as I got unveil my first product Master New Testament Greek. Here’s why I think this is going to be useful to a lot of people. It boils down to 3 simple steps to master New Testament Greek.

When I started seminary, I wanted to leave having gained fluency in New Testament Greek. So while I was in seminary I started working on an efficient method to master the Greek of the New Testament. The result is Master New Testament Greek. Here is the simple 3 step process it follows.

    1. Memorize the vocabulary – if you don’t know a word, you cant read it. Sure Reader’s Bibles are super helpful, even necessary, but the more you have to look down the harder and slower reading will be. Knowing the words allows you to read the text much more naturally, and gives you freedom to move around the New Testament. The beauty of this is that if you memorize it in 1 John, you already know that word when you see it in Ephesians, so you only need to memorize it once.
    2. Read the text – You may have seen Greek Readers such as Mounce’s A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek, or Decker’s, Koine Greek Reader. These are designed to get you into the language moving from easy to harder texts. If you’re like me though, part of my reason for wanting to read Greek was to read the New Testament. So why not just do that? So that’s what I did. I set up a reading plan for the New Testament book I was memorizing at the pace I could read at comfortably. For this, I simply used Logos Bible Software to create a custom reading plan.
    3. Master the New Testament. There are two aspects of this. Firstly read the books in order of difficulty starting with the easy texts and moving to the harder ones. Master New Testament Greek is set up in order of difficulty with a few curves thrown in along the way to challenge you and build out your vocabulary more efficiently. Secondly, re-read the book after you’ve read it through once. The second time your reading speed will pick up.

These principles are what drives Master New Testament Greek. This resource is optimized to enable you to read through the Greek New Testament using this simple method.Memorize. Read. Master... These principles are what drives Master New Testament Greek. - https://masterntgreek.com Click To Tweet

One thing I shouldn’t forget to mention: This isn’t going to be useful if you don’t know Greek. But if you’ve done a year of Greek and want to carry on and learn the Greek New Testament, Master New Testament Greek will provide you with what you need to succeed.

So if you’ve got a bit of Greek behind you, why not take a look and sign up for my free datasheet: The 6 tools I used to master the Greek New Testament (including the one you already have).

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