Darryl Burling

God graciously extended immeasurable mercy and kindness to me by revealing to me my sin and granting me repentance. He allows me to enjoy reading, thinking, writing and teaching His people.

Christian Living Q&A

What is the purpose of speaking in tongues in the Bible?

Speaking in tongues is commonly associated with prayer. So, understanding tongues biblically is as important as understanding prayer. Not only that, but tongues also has implications for how we view church, scripture, our worldview, and our place in the world. In this video, we consider what scripture teaches about the purpose of tongues.

3 motivations to walk with Christ now

What does biblical motivation look like? In this article you’ll discover that there are three aspects of our union with Christ that Paul draws on to motivate the believers in Colossae to abandon false religion and to walk with Christ.

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