Darryl Burling

God graciously extended immeasurable mercy and kindness to me by revealing to me my sin and granting me repentance. He allows me to enjoy reading, thinking, writing and teaching His people.

Does God withhold salvation?

Dom and I have been discussing atonement.  Its been an interesting and exhilarating way to grow… This post serves as a continuation to the discussion that started here, was followed up here and which Dom has continued here. The final issue that Dom raises is regarding my comment: Salvation is offered to all – the …

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Divorce – part 2

We’ve seen the first valid reason for divorce in scripture – when an unbeliever leaves a believer because they reject Christ. The second valid reason for divorce is adultery, however there are lots of variations and these can make the issue complex in some circumstances. I’ll try and cut this as straight as I can, …

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Divorce – part 1

Our study on marriage turned to the topic of divorce this week.  The goal was to understand Gods intention for marriage, to examine the biblical reasons for divorce understand why divorce happens. We start with the design of God for marriage – which is really a no-brainer. Firstly according to several very clear texts in …

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