The evil and guilt of sin

I just came across this, which I thought was well put (as many of Ryle’s thoughts are). See the Lord Jesus Christ despised and rejected of men, scourged, mocked, and insulted–look at Him bleeding on the cross of Calvary–hear Him crying in agony, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Note how the …

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God and Evil

Jay Adams on reconciling God and evil. Simply this: God controls all things, even the existence and activity of evil. We must remove the word “allows” when speaking  of God and evil.   He doesn’t merely allow evil to occur. If so, there would be another power, or force, in the universe as great as (or …

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The enemy within

Kris Lungaard spent some time reading John Owens work on the mortification of sin and shrunk it down into a book that all believers should read, The Enemy Within. This is a great book. In it he focuses on how the mind, affections and the will are all involved in sin. “Each of the faculties …

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Why God gave instruction to man at creation

From “Instruments in the redeemers hands” by Paul Tripp, p39-41 (the entire book is assigned reading for this week). In explaining Genesis 1:26-28 Tripp makes the point that there is something unique about God stopping and actually speaking to the two humans he had just created.  He hadn’t done this with other creatures; for previous …

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Propitiation and Faith

Note that this follows the previous post on propitiation (i.e. appeasement of wrath). We mentioned last time that propitiation means that the righteous wrath of God toward sinners has been appeased and that propitiation was done in Christ.  It is this propitiation that glorifies God by making the exhibition of many of His attributes possible.  …

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