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Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a book of the  Old Testament and wonder “what on earth is this about?” I do. That is why I created some single foldable pages to help me quickly remember key elements of the Old Testament. I call them “reading assistants, and they are free, as a thank you for signing up to my email list.

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These reading assistants are designed to put the most useful information at your fingertips while you read through the Old Testament. In any book it is helpful to know how the chapter or text you are reading relates to the book as a whole, so the outline of each book of the Old Testament is included. It is also helpful to know where in the history the book was situated, and other key events throughout Old Testament history. So reigns of kings, ministry of prophets and other useful information is provided. All this is intended to fold up into a convenient size to be used as bookmarks in your Bible. Here is some more details…

Number of Chapters

Breaking the Bible into separate components makes reading through it much easier. Each section tells you the number of chapter to help you simplify your reading plan – just pick the number of chapters per section you want to read each day.

Outline of Books

Keeping track of where you are in a book keeps you focused and aids understanding. The outline of every Old Testament book is included in these Reading Assistants, including chapter and verse numbers so you can easily see when one section finishes and another begins.

Selected Key Information

There are lots of things other than just the context of the book, such as poetic structure, key dates and people. These tidbits of information bring the Old Testament to life and deepen your understanding.

Fold Them and Put Them in Your Bible

Print in color or black and white, fold them where indicated and use the Reading Assistants as a bookmark to track your progress through the three parts of the Old Testament. You’ll get both US Letter and A4 sizes so you can print on the size of paper you have.

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In addition to these, each reading assistant has unique content specific to the section of the Bible that it covers.


The Old Testament Wisdom Reading Assistant includes a panel that explains Hebrew poetry, and how to identify some common patterns found both in Wisdom literature, and throughout the Old Testament. Understanding and identifying these patterns will enrich your reading of the Old Testament.

Kings and Prophets

All the Kings and Prophets of Israel and Judah are included in the Old Testament History Reading Assistant, so you can see not only who succeeded who, but also when they reigned, which prophets prophesied and other king(s) who reigned around that time.

Minor Prophets Memory Tool

Most people find it easy to forget what the Minor Prophets are about. The Old Testament Prophets Reading Assistant includes a short rhyme for each of the minor prophets. These are a useful memory device written by Dr William Varner.

… And much more

What year was did the Northern Kingdom go into exile? Why are there so many genealogies at the beginning of 1 Chronicles? What were the different sacrifices in Leviticus for? There is lots of other important and helpful information contained in these Reading Assistants. Breathe new life into your Old Testament Bible readings with a little help.

I’ve benefited from these as a tool for my own Bible Reading. I hope they will be a blessing for you too. Download yours today by subscribing.

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By the way, if these are useful, please help me out and let others know!

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