Is there something I can help you with?

I want to help you grow in Christ. That means teaching the word of God as clearly as I can and presenting the word of God in a way that is accessible, challenging and accurate. I want to help you! So, here’s my idea for how I might be able to help.

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday, I’ve been thinking about how I can best serve you and others. So In February or March, I’m planning to start a new audio/video channel to interact more richly with you.

Got a question?

Each week I’ll take a question that you ask and answer it from the Scripture. Your question could be something about quiet times, a problem you or someone you know is struggling with, a marriage, church or theology question or a question about something you’ve often wondered about. Whatever it is, I’ll take your question and explain what the Bible teaches and give suggestions to address your concern and situation. Initially, I hope to answer one question each week, but if there is demand I’ll do more.

How to ask a question

To ask a question, just go to There you’ll find two ways you can ask.

  1. Leave a voice recording of yourself asking your question. I’m using a web service that uses your microphone on your computer to record your voice. If your computer doesn’t have a microphone, you’ll need to plug in some headphones that have a microphone or ask on your mobile device. Messages are limited to 90 seconds.
  2. Write out your question using the form. There is also a form that you can use to ask questions, just type out your question with as much information as you think I need to be able to answer it.

So, head over to and ask your question, then in 6-8 weeks I’ll post the first episode and how you can tune in!

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