Intro to 1 Thessalonians

It has been busy here, but it has been a good busy.  We are involved in ministry at our local church ( and occasionally, I have the opportunity to teach.  Today I was filling in for Dr Barrick in his adult Sunday School class, and I decided to start a study on 1 Thessalonians.  There are a couple of reasons why I chose 1 Thessalonians – neither of them very profound, but it is a great book and I’m enjoying working through it.

If you are interested in following these irregular lessons, I’ve included my notes, the power point and audio here so you can follow along.

In this lesson we look at what it cost Paul to evangelize the church at Thessalonica, the character he required and what the cost to the Thessalonians to come to Christ.  We asked what motivated Paul and us, what a first century Christian looks like and questioned our own willingness to suffer.  It is a challenging study.

Intro to 1 Thessalonians: notes, powerpoint

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