Understanding a World in Crisis

Last Saturday we went to a series of lectures at Grace Community Church called “Understanding a World in Crisis”.  Three lectures were delivered by Mathias Kern.  Professor Kern is an adjunct professor at the Masters College, and has been involved in advising senior government officials in a number of countries for many years.  He is also part of an international think tank based in Spain.

The lectures followed the following pattern:

Lecture 1: The Arab Spring, the Iranian Nuclear Program, and Consequences for Israel
Lecture 2: The Rise of Islam in the West
Lecture 3: Economic Crisis in Europe/America and the Post-American World Order and Q & A (with Will Varner)

You can access the lectures here. I’ve also created a podcast you can subscribe to here.

These are quite sobering, and perhaps disconcerting.  Will Varner opened up these lectures by reading from Psalm 2:1-3, and closed them by commenting on the rest of the Psalm.  I suggest a reading of this Psalm might be in order before and after you listen to them.


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