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The evil and guilt of sin

I just came across this, which I thought was well put (as many of Ryle’s thoughts are). See the Lord Jesus Christ despised and rejected of men, scourged, mocked, and insulted–look at Him bleeding on the cross of Calvary–hear Him crying in agony, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Note how the …

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C. S. Lewis Wrap Up

Over the last couple of months, I’ve read seven C. S. Lewis books and posted extracts or posts about them here. So I thought I’d write an index of those posts for quick reference. From Surprised by Joy: C. S. Lewis’s conversion from atheism Quotes from Surprised by Joy From The Lion, the Witch and …

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The dictatorship of pride

From the Business of Heaven: It is a terrible thing that the worst of all the vices can smuggle itself into the very centre of our religious life. But you can see why. The other, and less bad, vices come from the devil working on us through our animal nature. But this does not come …

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God and Evil

Jay Adams on reconciling God and evil. Simply this: God controls all things, even the existence and activity of evil. We must remove the word “allows” when speaking  of God and evil.   He doesn’t merely allow evil to occur. If so, there would be another power, or force, in the universe as great as (or …

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Out of the Silent Planet

C. S. Lewis’ 1938 Sci-Fi novel Out of the Silent Planet chronicles the voyage of three men, two of whom are partnering for their own reasons and a lone philologist on a walking tour who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and won’t be missed if he disappears. Weston and …

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