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What is the purpose of speaking in tongues in the Bible?

Speaking in tongues is commonly associated with prayer. So, understanding tongues biblically is as important as understanding prayer. Not only that, but tongues also has implications for how we view church, scripture, our worldview, and our place in the world. In this video, we consider what scripture teaches about the purpose of tongues.

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What are some good resources for new Christians?

It is important that as Christians, we grow in the true knowledge of Christ, God, salvation, scripture and how to live to please the Lord. What are some good resources for new Christians?

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What is a good way to present the gospel?

As Christians, we have a responsibility to present the gospel clearly and fully. This is why I love the question Alistair asked: What is a good way to present the gospel?

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Are special needs the same as mental health problems?

In our last few questions, I’ve answered questions about mental health from a Christian perspective. This week, Wilma asks if special needs are the same as mental health issues? Can we say this is caused by sin?

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How should a Christian understand mental health?

We’ve all been affected by mental health issues or know someone who has been affected by it in some way. This means that facts are often confused with error. So, how should Christians understand mental health? Can we do something about it, or are we stuck with it?

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