Q&A: What can I do if my church manipulates me to give?

Giving is a tricky subject. Our flesh is inherently selfish. As church members, we need to strive to be generous. But church leaders also need to be honorable in the way they manage the resources gifted by the church. Some churches do this better than other churches, so what can I do if my church manipulates me to give?


Here is the text of the question I was asked:

Please i need to know. I feel so much grieved when Christians and so cornered to give offerings, PLEDGES and above all TITHES. Why is it that the church has program after program to require large sums of money from people over and over and not even caring how these people live in their homes- what other family responsibilities they have. I ask this because in our church, we have been grouped into cell groups, and sections, for the purposes of caring for one another, as well as soul-winning and weekly prayer, bible studies. My Concern then comes when that platform is used to single out believers who are not affording to give the required amounts of money or various forms of giving. The bible studies and prayer are now coverings for the main agenda. It seems to me like a Scam and Shame in the Church of Jesus Christ. Now, I think my question in clearer – WHY MANIPULATE BELIEVERS TO GIVE? WHAT CAN I DO IF I FIND MYSELF IN A SITUATION LIKE THIS?

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